Short and Long-Term Storage

Short and long-term storage are useful for different reasons. Short-term storage is good for storing something temporarily during a move. Long-term storage can be good for storing things you can’t seem to part with but don’t currently have room for.

Short-Term Storage
Short-term storage is ideal for things you only need to store for a matter of months. This can be useful for people who are moving to a new house and may have a period of time between the old house and the new where they need to live in an apartment or hotel. It can also be useful for anyone who is renovating or having repairs done after flood or storm damage.

Short-term storage has more flexible payment plans. You can pay by the month and change to a different size unit as you remove or add things to storage. Insurance levels can be adjusted monthly as well. You will also have easy access to your stored items. Storage services are open at convenient hours, and you will have a key to your unit.

Long-Term Storage
Long-term storage is good for people who are making an international move and will need to store furniture or other items for a long time. Long-term storage would also be good for people who have moved to a smaller home and need to put excess furniture in storage. It is also good for storing sentimental items you can’t fit into your current living space.

Long-term storage offers expert packing and placing of items so they will be protected. Your items will be monitored to ensure they are well taken care of. Long-term storage comes with a lease. This can be cheaper than paying the monthly fees of short-term storage.

Packing for Storage
When packing for short and long-term storage, remember to place things at the front of the unit that you are more likely to need access to. Label all boxes to make sure you don’t have to dig though each one to find the item you are looking for. Wrap all breakables in bubble wrap or newspaper to protect them. For short-term storage especially, it’s a good idea to leave a path down the center of the unit, so you can easily reach anything you need. Be sure to cover furniture with breathable materials like cloth or paper to keep them dust-free. Trade Winds Transport can keep your items safe until you need them again.