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    Absolutely Excellent service from start to finish. Steve personally came to our apartment in the morning to introduce himself and the team. The guys were all great and took great care to ensure the job was done quickly and smoothly. We moved from Kennedy town to Lamma which all in all took around 5 hours. The work was excellent, the guys were all very professional and also very friendly. All in all great value for money and Highly recommended.


  • Posted by maria


    You guys are great & awesome!

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    Great Work guys! Ill use you again!

  • Posted by CF (Ref: Asiaxpat.com)

    Tradewinds movers are also excellent. Can’t fault the service. Call Steve on 28032561 or 94899979


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    Ended up using TradeWinds as it was highly recommended on here. Well, I can back all those recommendations up. They were fabulous!! I was very happy, they were polite, efficient, spoke English and no hidden charges. In fact, my estate should have charged parking but didn’t. When it was time to pay the bill I would have been none the wiser, but they were completely honest and told me that the estate didn’t charge them any parking so they wouldn’t charge me. Highly recommended!!!


  • Posted by CF (Ref: AsiaXpat.com)

    Agreed Tradewinds was great for us. We moved a 3 bedroom BIG apartment onto a boat – travelled 20km. All small stuff was pre-packed by me. Bill was under $6000. Service was great, moving guys were fabulously polite. Definitely  recommendable.

    David (AsiaXpat.com)

  • Posted by Team NZ (Ref: AsiaXpat.com)

    Hi All,

    I don’t usually do this but I must give Trade Winds a promo. We used their service 2 weeks ago and were very very happy, friendly helpful guys (very efficient) and reasonable prices. Having frequently used local vans with limited cantonese TW took the headache out of moving for us! Highly recommend them.

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    I would like to strongly recommend Trade Winds for any local moves. I needed to move fairly quickly from Hung Hom to Yuen Long last year. Quote was reasonable and accurate. Movers were professional and quick. None of my breakables were broken. Worth every penny. English was fine. And totally hassle free (tunnel tolls, underground parking access was all handed).


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    I’d like to recommend tradewinds transport https://tradewindstransport.com/main/. English speaking. Very good prices and really helpful and friendly. I used them last week and was really happy with them.


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    tradewinds are also great. You can save money by packing any boxes yourself.


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    Tradewinds is great and reasonable.

    Talk to Steve and tell him Robert Diefendorf referred you, if you like.

    Good luck, Robert Diefendorf, Diefendorf Property Co Ltd, Hong Kong


  • Posted by khyc2004 (Ref: AsiaXpat.com)

    As a veteran “movee” who has used 3 different movers for 4 moves, I must wholeheartedly agree with

    Team NZ.

    I used Trade Winds for my family’s recent move from Pok Fu Lam to Discovery Bay. Unlike movers I’ve used in the past, the TW staff all spoke excellent English and were a jolly bunch. They went about the work efficiently and communicated with you when they came across possible problems, like existing defects in furniture. My move was supervised by the owner and proprietor, Steve, who kept me updated on the progress every hour or so.

    Pricing-wise, TW delivered a clear estimate that caps the maximum bill and gave me ways to make the move cheaper. I chose to do my own packing, and was able to shave $1500 off the bill. I could’ve supplied my own packing supplies, too, except I don’t know where to get boxes in Hong Kong. In addition, TW lays out all the possible hidden fees in their estimate — like the DB parking/tunnel charges — so there were no surprises. This was such a welcome change compared to my previous move, where the mover had the galls to ask me for $2000 extra in fees because they completed the work 5 hours late!!

    And this was the most important thing: TW completed the move in an orderly, timely fashion. Discovery Bay has a policy of having all moving companies out by 6 pm, so TW finished the job by 5:30 pm, with time to spare. They didn’t rush near the end and throw boxes into rooms, and they didn’t hurry through the reassembly of furniture. Even though I didn’t use TW for packing, their policy is to pack a day ahead of time to allow ample time for the move on the day of.

    Without a doubt, Trade Winds is the best local mover I’ve ever used, and I would definitely call on these guys again.

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  • Posted by DBLACK (Ref: AsiaXpat.com)

    Had availed of their service just today, and did i mention that i also scheduled it just a couple of hours before the pickup time,. WOW talk about reliability. Fast, Efficient, Great Service and value for your money to top it up Steve and his crew were very accommodating and friendly, makes you wanting to avail again of their service.

    Thanks again guys!

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    I moved my stuff with Trade Winds 2 weeks ago: Steve and his crew were efficient and nice and everything went smoothly. I checked the prices of 4 other movers and there was few difference. Trade wings price is average but doesn’t overcharge for stairs and other little extra as others do (and you don’t really know if they’ll add something as a suprise). Storage fees are the lowest and overall I think it was a better deal with a no-surprise price tag.

    In addition, Steve is a nice guy, gives better service and speaks English better than I do :) (as it’s not my mothertongue). He’s storing my furniture for at least 2 months so I’ll tell you later if everything will go as smoothly for the second part of the job!

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    Dear all,

    I moved flat in June 2010 with Trade Winds in HK and the service was great at a good price. I recommend them. I found Steve a very nice guy efficient and problem solving. He personally came and supervised everything. I was very happy.

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    I’d like to recommend tradewinds transport. English speaking. Very good prices and really helpful and friendly. I used them last week and was really happy with them.

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  • Posted by Oz Expat (Ref: AsiaXpat.com)

    We are moving this weekend today we had Trade Winds to pack our stuff that we are sending to Europe and they will do our HK move on Saturday. Today there were great every efficient and a good price. I have done my own packing for the HK move to keep down the price and they have been very helpful providing boxes, bubble wrap, tape another packing materials. Will let you know what happens Saturday.

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    Trade-Winds recently moved me from Happy Valley to Sheung Wan. They provided absolutely one of the best moving experiences I have ever had. Steve, the owner, was friendly and accommodating when coordinating the logistics of the move. Steve even sent me boxes, tape and plenty of bubble wrap as I had opted to pack up everything myself. Once the movers arrived at the scheduled move time, everything was made extremely effortless for me as Steve and his movers were very pleasant, professional, experienced, organized and efficient. They packed and unpacked all of my belongings thoroughly; disassembled all the large furniture with expertise and efficiency; loaded and unloaded all of my belongings carefully and helped me set up the furniture as I desired in my new home. As an added bonus, they recycle all of their materials and are extremely environment conscious, which I found to be very appealing and rare for moving companies. In addition, Steve and the movers all speak English, so expats will not encounter any communication problems.

    I highly recommend Trade Winds’ moving service as THE best!!!!

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    I recently used a moving company called Trade Winds Transport to move from West Kowloon to Ngau Chi Wan, and I was very pleased. I decided to go with them as they were favorably mentioned several times on this site, and true to their reputation, Steve and his crew did a fantastic job.

    Coincidentally, Steve mentioned that he’s been in the moving business for 20 years, and especially in the early days, he did a lot of walkups, so I’m sure he can help you with your move out of your walkup apartment. You can ask them for a fee quote, so you know what to expect.