Airport and Cargo Shipping Collection

Failure to properly coordinate your airport & shipping cargo collection process can result in delays of the arrival of your valuables and damage to your personal possessions. The best way to protect your personal items when they are being transported to or from an airport or seaport is to enlist the help of an experienced team of professionals like Trade Winds Transport.

The Need for Safe Cargo Collection

When a collection of products or personal property is shipped overseas, the goods typically arrive at either an airport or seaport. After the products are inspected and pass through applicable customs clearance processes, they are deemed ready for release to the consignee or identified recipient. At this point, the goods need to be collected and transported to the end user or recipient.

How We Help Families with Their Cargo Collection Need

Many families who have relocated to a new city find that they need help retrieving their personal property from the airport or ocean port. In many cases, they do not have the proper vehicles or moving experts that are required to collect and safely move large items from the airport or ocean port to a home or office building.

The Importance of the Proper Tools and Resources

The team of transportation experts at Trade Winds Transport has the experience, vehicles and equipment necessary to safely transport your personal valuables to your new home, office or other location. Whether you need to transport custom artwork, a grand piano or a small collection of boxes, we have the customized vehicles, lift gates and moving experts that will ensure that your valuables arrive at their new location safely and soundly.

How You Will Benefit From Our Experience

The Trade Winds team also has the experience to retrieve items that need to be shipped and transport them to the airport or designated ocean port. They will arrive at your specified pickup location armed with the tools and resources required to collect and transport your personal belongings to the airport or ocean port. They will ensure that all items are delivered to the appropriate area of the port’s cargo facility for dispatch.

Additional Benefits of Our Cargo Collection Process

A final benefit of employing Trade Winds for your airport & shipping cargo collection is their ability to offer professional packing skills. The Trade Winds team has the experience required to securely package your items to ensure that they arrive at their destination intact and in pristine condition. The specialists at Trade Winds know how to select the proper size boxes, how to build custom crates and how to load valuables onto a van or truck for transport to the airport.

Call us today to learn more about our cargo collection process. We look forward to assisting you with your cargo collection needs!