Obtaining a relocation or moving cost estimation is a tough job. Obtaining quotations can be a time consuming process and in Hong Kong most companies don’t focus on providing native English speakers.

If you are an Expatriate looking to move to Hong Kong or move around Hong Kong, this can be a drain on time and money.

Tips when procuring relocation cost estimations:

  • Always provide as much detail as possible. Try to fill in the online request form as accurately as possible.
  • If you can assist in the moving process i.e.) packing the boxes etc. you will save yourself some money.
  • If you need moving van service, remember to consider tolls, parking and other elements that will have an impact on costs/ time.
  • Consider obtaining insurance
  • Provide details of the exact services you are seeking.
  • Show the moving company every item that you want to move and inform him of any high value items you are including in the move.
  • Ask how they moving company will calculate the estimated price of your move.
  • Know what the estimate includes and doesn’t include.
  • Ask about additional charges, such as stair charges, elevators, long carries, ferry costs, tolls, tunnel fees etc.
  • If the transport companies truck can’t enter a narrow street or if there are building or local government restrictions.
  • Ask building management where you are moving to if there are restrictions for loading times or usage of the elevators.
  • If you know that you will not be able to move into your new accommodation immediately, discuss storage options.
  • Purchase extra coverage for your items, especially if you are transporting expensive items. The basic limited liability coverage offered to you, free of charge, by the movers will not be sufficient.

Trade Winds Transport is a company that changes all of that and can provide Relocation quotations fast and efficiently. The company principal is an American, who has called Hong Kong home since 1991. His ability to ‘speak your language’ and provide efficient quotations is second to none.

Simply, fill in the online request form, and you will be attended to efficiently.