Moving home involves many tedious and complicated preparations. There are various things to consider including when, where, and how to move. Once these decisions are made, it is important to inform the appropriate government departments and other relevant parties to ensure that all of your records are kept up to date. This will save you from future inconvenience.

With over 24 years of moving experience in Hong Kong, you might like to look at Trade Winds Transportations top tips for moving.


    • Clearly Mark your boxes / Number them is even better! By numbering boxes against a corresponding manifest, you will save a lot of time when it comes to unpacking. You will also be able to get the right boxes in the right areas of your new home.


    • Pack Heavy – Pack Light Pack the heavy items in small boxes and lighter items in larger boxes. This is something that most people overlook!


    • Know how to Pack Plates and other fragile items Plates and record albums for those that still have vinyl, should be packed on end vertically, rather than placed flat and stacked. Any fragile items need to be wrapped in either bubble pack but even better and way more environmentally friendly is to use newspaper.


      • Remember: moving is stressful but I will survive! It is never easy to move home. Leaving friends, family and familiar environments behind; especially if you are moving Internationally, is tough. Make sure you plan every detail of your move well in advance. If you are packing the boxes yourself, make sure that you make a plan on which hours you will dedicate to the packing. All too often we are called back into the fold to help our clients at the very last minute. The reason: they run out of time!


    • Protect Your Memories If it’s irreplaceable, take it with you personally (you don’t want regrets later). But if you do decide to pack those old framed photos, valuable memorabilia or precious art, place blankets between them for added protection. If you choose the latter, make sure you have insurance!


      • Fresh is good! If you are moving internationally, it is important to use some type of freshener to keep sheets, clothes and other items smelly fresh. A great tip is to place some lavender (dried or fresh) or other natural freshener in a sock and place into the boxes. When your goodies eventually arrive in your new location, you will not be overwhelmed by ‘musky’ or other bad smells.


    • Give the Kids a job Have your children write their names and new address on the cartons from their rooms so they can become familiar with their new address.


    • Remember the Bare Necessities Think: toilet paper, telephone, toiletries, snacks, coffee, tea (and pot), soaps, flashlight, screwdriver, pliers, can opener, paper plates, cups, utensils, a couple of pans, and paper towels are some of the essentials you may need upon arrival at your new home. Pack a box with these types of items and tell your van foreman to load it last so that it will be unloaded first.


    • Give out your Number Before the transport team leaves for your destination residence, give them a mobile phone number where you can be reached. And for good measure, provide another as a back up.


    • Don’t forget the Fridge! Throughly clean and dry the inside of your refrigerator, put a handful of fresh coffee, baking soda or charcoal in a bag or nylon stocking and place it inside to keep the interior smelling fresh.


    • Unscrew Bulbs Remove bulbs before packing your lamps.


    • Packing Tips:To supplement the above list, we have some packing tips that will help make your move smooth:
        • Packing Tip #1: Begin packing a few boxes each day, several weeks prior to your move. Get an idea how long it takes to pack room by room. That will make it easier to estimate the time required to pack.


        • Packing Tip #2: Pack room-by-room, one area at a time.


        • Packing Tip #3:, Compile a general description of the contents and indicate the room from which it came (or which it will go into in your new home) on the top and front of each carton. Use different colour stickers to place on boxes so that they are colour coded. At your destination, hang a manifest of the corresponding color outside the room where you want the color-coded boxes to be delivered. Your movers will love you!


        • Packing Tip #4: Regular newspapers can be messy and can soil some possessions. Use only unprinteded newsprint paper for items that maybe soiled.


        • Packing Tip #5: Use good quality boxes for your move.


        • Packing Tip #6: Unpack fragile items and breakables carefully. And make sure that they are clearly marked fragile from the outset!


        • Packing Tip #7: The following materials (as a guide) cannot be included in your shipment. Some common household items that cannot be packed include flammables such as: paint, varnish/thinners, gasoline, kerosene/ oil, bottled gas, aerosol / pressure pack cans, nail polish/ remover, any potentially explosive items, corrosives, and cleaning fluids.<


        • Packing Tip #8: Personally transport important photos, financial documentation and other assets (bank checks, insurance policies, stock certificates, etc.), legal documents (wills, passports. etc.), valuables, jewellery,  etc.), and medical and family history records


    • Enjoy the Help Leave the rest to the moving company professionals.The above tips will help make that important and stressful move a lot easier to deal with. Hopefully the above will help you to make a stressful situation not so stressful. If you need further advise on your Hong Kong Move event easier, Trade Winds transport is here to help.


  • Moving home involves many tedious and complicated preparations. There are various things to consider including when, where, and how to move. Once these decisions are made, it is important to inform the appropriate government departments and other relevant parties to ensure that all of your records are kept up to date. This will save you from future inconvenience.

    Other things to consider:

    Informing the Government of Your Move

    Prior to moving within Hong Kong or within Hong Kong, you may consider making use of the Change of Address Service to update your address record with various government departments and non-governmental organisations in one go. You may need a Digital Certificate for authentication for some government departments.

    Informing the Public Utilities

    When moving in Hong Kong, it pays to inform the public utilities. Most of the public utility companies in Hong Kong offer online services which allow you to close your accounts for the previous address, transfer your accounts and open new accounts for your new address.

    If you are leaving Hong Kong and therefore closing an account with no intention of opening a new one, remember to claim back the deposit (if any) you paid to open that account. To close a water account and request refund of deposit, you should notify the Water Supplies Department at least 14 days in advance.

    Here is the list of public utility service providers that you may need to inform about your move:

    • Water Supplies Department
    • Electricity company
    • Gas company
    • Fixed and mobile telecommunication network operator
    • Internet service provider
    • Paid TV service provider


    Redirection of Mail Service

    Obviously by informing all your family, friends and other organisations of your new address may be time consuming. In the interim, you may find the Mail Redirection Service provided by Hongkong Post a useful way to ensure none of your mail is lost. This costs approximately HK$100 to cover 3 months of service, and it is extendable for another year.


    Donating or Re-selling Your Furniture or Articles

    How to handle any unwanted but reusable items during your process of moving home? You may want to sell certain items on or other websites. How about giving unwanted items away to friends or selling them off for a bargain price. This will save you substantial costs and time in having to transport items that you don’t need.

    Ask Trade Winds Transportation in Hong Kong for more tips on making your move a breeze!