It is difficult to navigate the options of both Hong Kong movers in Hong Kong. Even more difficult to work out who is cost effective. Cost effectiveness is more than getting a fair price for the service provided. It is much more about ensuring that you are not getting the cheapest price and then paying for it later… You can also save money by maybe doing some of the leg work yourself. Trade Winds Transport offers a box service, where they can deliver boxes in advance to your home and you do the packing. If you have time on your hand, this can be a great way to save yourself some money.

In order for you to avoid mistakes when obtaining quotations for your Hong Kong move, you can quickly narrow down the field of the Hong Kong moving companies by asking these questions:

  1. Do they offer hire a van services in Hong Kong for set fees?
  2. Do they offer packing services on an hourly basis and/ or provide boxes for me to pack?
  3. Does the Hong Kong moving company speak English as a native language?
  4. Look for a company that has over 20 years of moving experience in Hong Kong to avoid newbies that ‘guesstimate’.
  5. Does the company I am dealing with have an impeccable reputation online and offline?
  6. Are there forums that discuss the transport company I am considering using?
  7. Do they offer a quick turn around on moving quotations?
  8. Can I speak to the principal of the company?
  9. The above questions will help you make a fast learning curve and quickly eradicate mistakes that will lead to costly expenses.
  10. Do they offer insurance?
  11. Can I speak to other clients that have used their services?

Give us a call to discuss every detail of your Hong Kong move and we will gladly show you ways in which you can drive more value in your Hong Kong relocation.